It All Started with a Need.

Our company was created after our director Sarlie started losing her eyesight in her early twenties and experienced first-hand the lack of career advice for people with low vision or blindness. Sick of being treated as a number and unable to obtain substantial support from large disability employment agencies, it became clear that something had to change.


Victory Beyond Vision was Born.

Sarlie then created Victory Beyond Vision to raise greater awareness and support for other people living with vision impairments. In addition to helping others with vision loss to secure meaningful employment, Sarlie also provided disability awareness presentations at national companies and government departments. However, Sarlie knew that something needed to be done to help people with other disabilities, including Autism, AHDH, intellectual disabilities, hearing loss, cerebral palsy etc., find careers they love.


Our Focus was Widened.

In 2023, Victory Beyond Vision became Victory Through Ability. The new brand reflects the company’s drive to help people with all disabilities secure meaningful and fulfilling work. It also represents our mission to focus on the unique talents that each client has and to help individuals learn new skills to gain independence and confidence in the workplace. Victory Through Ability now operates in all states in Australia and overseas, creating a new standard for disability employment services. 

Meet our Director

Sarlie, our Director was determined not to be defined by her disability nor allow it to stop her from achieving her goals.

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What makes us different?

What makes Victory Through Ability different to other disability employment service providers?

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