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Still not sure if Victory Through Ability will be the right disability employment company for you? Then read these testimonials from our clients to hear what they have to say.

"Victory Through Ability has helped me achieve so much. Ever since I’ve started talking to Sarlie she has provided me with job interview tips. Thanks to Sarlie for giving me those wonderful tips I now have 2 amazing jobs that I absolutely love and if I never met Sarlie I would probably still be looking for a job. Thank you Sarlie :)"

Bronte Feltis

"Our experience with Victory Through Ability was inspiring. Sarlie doesn't just find employment, she found a role for my son that he loves. She listens and searches for placement that suit her clients. My son has found employment that suits his abilities and personality. We highly recommend this innovative employment service. A ground breaker!!!”

Sue Clough

“Would highly recommended. From fixing my resume to getting my confidence up for interviews and making me feel heard I was able to secure the job I was going for with Sarlie's help.”

Nick Zee

“I would highly recommend Victory Through Ability. Sarlie who runs the company is passionate about her work. I have worked with Sarlie as a client for a while now. Sarlie is dedicated, professional and will go the extra mile for her clients. I would certainly recommend Victory Through Ability to anyone who is seeking employment.”

Peter Mercia

“Where do I begin. Sarlie has been great, not only with being able to help me look for work but also giving me the confidence and belief that anything is possible with the lack of vision I currently have. Sarlie has also offered her own personal time if I had any questions or concerns about anything which I will forever be grateful for. Thank you Sarlie.”

Vu Nguyen

“Working with Sarlie to achieve my goals to become an independent member of the workforce was amazing. Sarlie is an amazing consultant and very understanding and catering…She taught me how to do resumes and cover letters, tips and tricks for my interview as well as helping to set up a pre-interview to calm my nerves and get ready for what to expect in the interview.”

Jasmine Cosgrave

“Sarlie is helpful and great at what she does. I highly recommend her services”.

Grant Barker Williams

Sarlie really cares and puts the effort in for people. She helped me to get my resume up to date and looking professional”.

Michael Hulland

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Sarlie, founder of Victory Through Ability and know her to be kind, knowledgeable, thoughtful & excellent in supporting clients to find meaningful employment. I have witnessed firsthand her clients to go from uncertainty to full confidence as they step into paid employment. Sarlie is an inspiration and reminder that everything is possible with the right care & support. I highly recommend this service!”

Sally Okkerse

“From the first contact Sarlie made me feel at ease and could relate to all I was feeling and going through. From that very first meeting up until this point in time, even though I am now out of her area of support she is still giving me assistance over and above what would normally be expected.

Without Sarlie I would no doubt be in a worse mental state and nowhere near my living and working standard that I am today. Thanks Sarlie very much.”

Jo Macgregor

“My Son and myself couldn't have got through the last year or so without Sarlie, Victory Through Ability's support and encouragement. I was at my wits end trying to get help for my son with his disability. 10 years plus without a proper diagnosis and nowhere that would take him on. But Sarlie has so much knowledge and experience helping people with their unique needs, with her kindness and understanding and no judgement. He now has a diagnosis, and a path to follow thanks to ‘Victory Through Ability’. Can't recommend her highly enough. Don't hesitate to contact her.”

Robyn Hack

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