We provide disability employment services with a difference.

At Victory Through Ability, we provide disability employment services with a difference. Our staff work with clients from all over the world and have created meaningful employment for people who live in some of the smallest towns in Australia to some of the largest cities overseas.

Our appointments are tailored towards each client’s individual needs and goals. We work hard to ensure that you feel supported at every stage of the employment journey, and that our employment experts give you the time, attention, and respect that you deserve.

We don’t push you into jobs that you aren’t interested in. Instead, we work with you to identify careers that match your previous experience, strengths and interests and then create employment opportunities that align with all these criteria.

So, whether you are still in high school and looking for your first job or have decades of experience and are searching for a career change, the team at Victory Through Ability can help!

How our team can help you.

Our team can help you from preparing for a job interview to on-the-job support. Find out more about our services.

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